Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

Pathology Reports October 3, 2011

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Well, another week of waiting. I meet with the Oncologist next Monday to figure out the path of chemo.

But today found out the pathology reports. Turns out cancer was in all four quadrants of my right breast, not just in the upper quadrant. The grading of the tumors totaled 8 out of 9, which means it’s stage 3 and very aggressive. The tumors ranged in size of .3 cm to 2.5 cm, the largest of which is what I most likely felt. And understandable as to why we (me and my gyn) didn’t feel anything three months earlier. So, go ahead and measure what’s 2.5 cm. Pretty tiny, right?

They removed 24 lymph nodes, 8 of which came back positive for cancer. I was on the edge of freaking, but she assured me that it was a good thing. The lymph nodes go through your entire body and only a third in that area were cancerous, so with the results of a clear PetCT scan, it’s a good thing.

Also, confirmed that there was absolutely no cancer in the left breast. So even though it’s aggressive, we caught it at the earliest possible time.

But because of the stage 3 and lymph nodes, I’ll go through both chemo and radiation. And since I won’t see her again until 6 months, my guess is that’s the estimate of time I’ll be on chemo. But 6 months can fly by right?

Whew, doing well though. Was preparing for this. Wish I’d know more about the chemo, but all in due time. Recovering nicely, the right arm/side is still, and will problematic (most likely for the next year or two).

Did a little fashion show with my current wardrobe. Good news is that I was so much in denial about my DDs that I stuffed them into outfits I most likely shouldn’t have, that everything fits better than ever before. Bad news? I DON’T GET A NEW WARDROBE!


Chemo better put me on a weight loss program and not have me be the 1 in 100 that gain weight. Seriously. Somethime good MUST come out of this. You know, besides my nice, new perky tatas and actually surviving it. Ok, I understand what I just wrote. Don’t judge.

And the meals? Thanks go out especially to Amber Ford, Becca Ayers, Scotte Hardin, Jen Conley, Margaux Laskey, Chris & Lydia Kindred, Katie Nicholson, Mara McEwin, Melissa Caolo, Erin & Tim Butterfield, Chelley Conales, Hillary Reeves, Carol Anderson and Lisa Jaeger. You’ve no idea how much we’ve all appreciated it, and how big of help it was to me and my family. And to my mom who came up to help me recover.

anyone up for another 6 months of this?


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