Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

Chemo started, and I’m fine…..physically October 27, 2011

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I arrived at 10am, got vitals checked, meet with oncologist’s assistant who at this point has too much joy in her voice, so much I’m ready to throw her out the window. She didn’t even read my chart before coming in. She said I was getting one form of chemo when I had to correct her.

Then Dr. Goel came in and asked if I took my steroids. I said that I had never been given any. She looked confused and Graham, my advocate, was there to back me up. See, at least in my case, you’re supposed to take a steroid pill morning & night the day before, they give you your morning dosage morning of, you take the pill night of, and the again morning & night day after. It’s to relieve the major side effect of water retention from one of the chemo drugs. I looked at her & nearly flipped my shit. I said that I couldn’t walk out of there without starting chemo, I had the whole day off, and that she needed to figure out a solution.

So, I took double dosage of steroids over double the amount of time (2 hours). Then took pills for anti-nausia, and pepcid (relieves the lining of the bowel system). Then chemo started. The first was the one to react with the steroid. Instead of one hour, we lengthened the time to 1hr & 45min. Any side effects, I’d feel there at the hospital. None to be had. So far so good. The second chemo drug was an injection into my IV, 100ccs (2 large viles). Took some time because my veins weren’t cooperating. The third took a little over an hour.

Over all the day lasted almost 8 hours. Won’t be that long next time, but was a bit tiring. I mean, I like to lay in a recliner, but I was on the verge of going batty. I had my iPad & laptop for work, but there was only so much I could do before I started to tire out. Graham brought me lunch, woohoo you can eat through chemo! Becca came by & dropped off water & ginger/lemon tea (yum!). Amber came & relieved graham when he needed to leave for class. I slept for about 2 hours (apparently she left for a Starbucks run & I had no idea).

So far, just tired. No pain or nausea. Side effects usually don’t start until several days afterwards, and then the Nadir time (1/2 way through treatment) is the hardest because your white blood cells are at their lowest. The nurse practioners did say that if iI could keep up some exercise, it’d help my system bounce back faster. Can everyone say bike ride to work!

And mentally, in a bit of a funk, but i know it’s understandable. Having family, friends & work get me through. So thank you all for your support. Now, going back to sleep.

Love you all.


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