Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

Chemo #2 of 6 December 6, 2011

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day1, wed – a bit tired after treatment but I stop by the office anyways for a couple of hours.

day2, thur – I have tons of work to do so I push through & work a full day, at night I’m worn out and am thankful for the dinner brought over by a friend.

day3, fri – still tired, but in order to not fall behind at work I push through one last time. I feel the exhaustion take over & when I get home, I completely pass out.

day4, sat – I can barely move. I bring the girls to a playdate, thankful for friends who will watch over them for 8 hours. I rest & feel better. My eyes are bigger than my stomach and I eat what I want. Not a good idea. That night I puke. I realize I didn’t heed any of my nutrition advice that I did the first time around and am now paying the price. At least I now know what I shouldn’t do.

day5, sun – I take it easy, on both my body & mind.

Day 6, mon – I feel better & pace myself. Full work day & go straight home.

Day 7, tues – good day, work, visit with best friends & home. Rest as much as possible

Day 8, wed – slow work day, bring the girls to the rehearsal of the Camp Broadway kids for Macys, dinner then trip to Macys to write their letters to Santa.

Day 9, Thanksgiving – good day, but sad that I’m missing out on drinking. I never realized how much I enjoyed drinking on turkey day until I couldn’t. I throw the football around & feel good.

Day 10, fri – start holiday decorating, visit with best friends – LSU FOOTBALL!

Day 11, sat – grocery shopping, playground with the girls, and visit with best friends.

Day 12, sun – relax and clean the house, dinner out with the girls (friends not twins)

Day 13, mon through Day 17, fri – All is as well as can be. Energy good. Appetite good. Work full days, but still pace myself & am able to keep up with the family at night. I bike to work on Day 16, Thursday, and make it home in 45min! Feeling great!

Day 18, sat – Do as many chores before the holidays as possible! Full on grocery shopping, cook a large batch of red beans and rice to eat and last the week (start eating lots of protein in preparation of treatment #3), clean house.
Day 19, sun – another day of chores! 10 loads of laundry, cook another large meal (meatballs!) to eat and freeze, clean house, organize office, and buy & decorate the christmas tree! Ready for my downhill to start.

Day 20, mon – good day at work. The girls’ rug for their room comes in so I cook dinner and clean out their room to place it. Becomes more of a complete sanitizing of their room, and wonder why the hell did I start this at the end of my day!

Day 21, tues – feeling great. good day at work, good evening with the girls, and their desks come in. so of course, I’m intent on putting them together before tomorrow’s treatment when I’ll be out of commission for another 1.5 weeks. Take my steriods.


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