Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

Chemo Treatment 3 of 6 December 27, 2011

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day 1, wed – finished in 1/2 the time since I haven’t had any side effects during infusion. went to the office for a little bit then to home to start resting up!

day 2, thurs – 1/2 day at the office while I have energy, but I feel the exhaustion setting in at 11am, but I have to wait to get to the hospital for my immunity boost injection. I go home right afterwards at 2pm to sleep. Starting to feel the achiness, and nausea sets in. Thank goodness for medication. A dear friend delivers dinner.

day3, fri – morning meeting at the office, leave by 11am. At home, I can’t move. I start to feel abdominal pains, and exhaustion. I take the codine and regelin to ease, but simply need to wait it out. Another dear friend delivers dinner.

day 4, sat – exhaustion, achiness, exhaustion, soreness, exhaustion, achiness. Feel good in the morning, so make the family blueberry pancakes which are actually great for me to eat. But I must get out. Twins have a playmate’s birthday party and it’s good to get out and sit amongst friends. We go home, and I a little chinese food (which, no matter how much soy sauce, still can’t taste) and then try to get through the night of constipation (due to chemo and codine), achiness and stomach pains.

day 5, sun – feel good in the morning. I go grocery shopping in the morning, but have it all delivered. It feels good to walk and stretch my body. I go home and crash. Another birthday party in the evening, which we all enjoy. But once we’re home and I get the girls settled for the night, the achiness and pain sets in. It’s a tough night, but I get through.

day 6, mon – Still feeling abdominal pain, plus one of the girls have a fever. I stay home with her and we both sleep it out. But by the time the night comes, my head is pounding with congestion, and I have to do everything I can not to get a fever. Another dear friend delivers dinner. Once the girls are asleep, I nasal wash, take a hot eucalyptus, rub myself with mentholatum, put hydrogen poroxide drops into my ears, and snuggle into bed. Once the hubby gets home, he rubs my head with Tiger Balm, and puts mentholatum on my feet. I sleep all night long.

day 7, tues – I wake still feeling the sinus headache, but check my temperature (every four hours) and ensure that it doesn’t go above 100 degrees (in which I’d have to get to the hospital ASAP). I nasal wash in the morning, and feel better. I get a decongestant (not Advil, no blood thinners), and go to work. My head still aches, and whenever I bend down or put my head lower than my heart my head fills like it’ll explode! I leave work early, and take it easy at home. A dear friend from afar ordered dinner for us. Hubby gets home and takes care of the girls. I do my nightly detox – eucalyptus bath, nasal wash, drops in ears, mentholatum rub and snuggle in.

day 8, wed – I wake feeling much, much better!!!!! Fighting chemo and a cold! Now, that’s exhausting! Off to work!

day 9, thu – feel well enough to attend the festival holiday party!

day 10, fri – feel completely normal. We take the girls to see Cathy Rigby in PETER PAN at Madison Square Garden, and it’s completely amazing!!!!

day 11, sat through day 15, wed – all is well, and if you couldn’t see my bald head you’d think I was completely healthy!

day 16, thur – travel day to New Orleans. I wrap my right arm, the one with the 24 removed lymph nodes, with an ace bandage during the flight in order to prevent swelling. However, the 3.5 hour flight still causes swelling, and towards the end I’m the crazy lady holding her arm in the air & massaging it madly. It’s sore for several hours after we land and returns to normal soon after. The plane ride was fine, and couldn’t expect any more germs on an airplane than exists on the New York subway. However the second twin gets the first twins’ fever and we work over the next 3 days on fighting the virus. it works!

day 17, fri – we go for a boat ride on the bayou!

day 18, sat – Christmas Eve, and see old friends at mass. I wear my wig for the first time, so as to not draw anymore attention than need be. I realize that it actually helps mask me like I never thought! No one is looking, and that’s strange for south Louisiana! It itches a bit, but other than that, completely works.

day 19, sun – Christmas Day, couldn’t have asked for more.

day 20, mon – Large family get together in Baton Rouge, and it’s great to see the extended family.

day 21, tues – travel day back to NYC. Since the flight is an hour shorter due to tailwind, there is no swelling in the arm, just a little soreness. We get home, unpack and I prepare for treatment #4!


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