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Treatment After Christmas Vacation December 29, 2011

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Treatment after Christmas Vacation

Yesterday, was chemo#4, the day after we returned from holiday in Louisiana. So if you’re asking yourself if I actually scheduled my chemo treatment around our christmas vacation, the answer is yes. Haven’t we met?

I didn’t blog because I finally uploaded pictures since September to Facebook, and worked on my 100+ work emails collected while away. And we didn’t do a meal list because of the hectic holidays & the fact we’re mostly covered by visiting with friends & family.

As for chemo#4, I’m being extremely diligent about medication & nutrition. Medication – eating Tums every 3-4 hours to prevent the massive heartburn, taking an anti-nausea pill at the slightest queasy stomach, etc. Nutrition – small portions (i.e. listening to Graham when he says that I’ve had enough), no tomatoes or peppers for the first five days (to aid in anti-heartburn), high proteins (to aid in healthy cell regrowth), high ruffage & fat-free (to aid in digestion). And as always, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – to force flushing of the system, so to speak.

I hope everyone’s holidays went and are still going along smoothly. Here’s to going into 2012 with a more educated mind, a warm heart and a healthier body. May all of your wishes during this time be fulfilled, and may you all find the enlightenment you’re needing & searching for.

All my love,



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