Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

TONIGHT’S LESSON: always ask questions August 29, 2012

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So when it comes to being told that you have Stage 3 Breast Cancer, or any disease for that matter, it is better to have it repeated to you over and over again, at least it is for me. I know that sounds a bit morbid, but the more I heard it the more it became easier to cope with and then treat. Whenever I meet with a doctor, I become that anal patient that has a list of questions, feeling like a reporter doing an interview, at times becoming a bit on the offensive. ‘How do you know this will work?’ in which the response was, ‘we don’t.’ or when Graham asked the plastic surgeon, ‘how many times have you done this operation?’ in which Samson replied, ‘unfortunately, we do almost a dozen a month.’ We would sit at home, and think through every possible scenario, circumstance, possibility, and write it down to ask the doctors. No question is ever too stupid, simple, frivolous. This is your life, your body. So when I empowered myself with all of the knowledge I felt I needed, it then became easier to know what I would do when given any opportunity. I had a battle plan, and with that I was able to move forward, full steam ahead.


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