Bad Right Breast

I've Always Hated My Right Breast!

Reposting 1st Chemo treatment October 28, 2013

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5 Responses to “Reposting 1st Chemo treatment”

  1. jacky Says:

    Hi…I am Jacky and Novembe 20th, I too was diagnosed with cancer…stage 3 and will begin treatment soon. I am so happy that you have this blog. I haven’t read it all yet…but will do. Some days I can not sleep because I am sooo afraid…so anxious….so nervous. Little things that I never thought about…like losing my hair…haunt me daily. I am also claustrophobic…so I think about upcoming PET scans and other tests that may be claustrophobic. I am just afraid. I try not to be…but honestly I am. And to top everything off….I lost my job in April and with it my medical insurance…so now I am fighting to get covered through Obamacare or anything. It is a lot on me…but I keep trudging on.

    • Jacky, first of all, i’m sorry that I’m just now seeing your post!

      I’m sending you positive vibes. Hoping that you’re coping well with all of the stress that comes with Cancer diagnosis. I promise to pay closer attention to the comments here to see how you’re doing. Please keep me posted!

      • jacky Says:

        By the way….I was also able to get healthcare…and am now seeking to be an advocate for other people.

  2. jacky Says:

    I appreciate your well wishes. Thank you so much. I had a PET scan and it was not bad at all…no problem. I had my first chemo two weeks ago and will have my second this coming week. I had a port put in and the chemo was no problem….no side effects…nothing. I have been blessed to have no pain or anything throughout the process so far. I know I am just at the beginning…but am just so thankful that I am doing very well. Thank you again for responding to my posts. I wish you continued health and many blessings.

    • Jacky,
      I’m so happy you’re reacting well to treatment. it’s so extremely different for each person. For reference all of the posts regarding my chemo treatment are between October 2011 through February 2012. LIFE WITH CHEMO is my favorite.

      And so grateful that you got insurance coverage. I had insurance my entire life, never even went a month without. But always had the lowest amount. After going through all of my bills for treatment and recovery, before insurance the bills are nearly $500k. My portion was about $50k, and I’m just finishing paying those off. It’s no wonder people get anxiety over the bills and fall into bankruptcy. Stay on top of the bills and in constant communication with the hospital. As long as you’re paying ‘something’ they’ll keep your account in good record.

      And we do need more advocates!!!!

      Sending you healing love.

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