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Saying Farewell… February 28, 2014

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Sometimes when a person dies, the people that make up her life won’t fully understand her impact until after she’s gone.  But in Amy’s case, each and every individual that met her, instantly knew exactly how special she really was.  I posted the blog on Tuesday for my dear friend Mia Laudato, in honor of her best friend, Amy Furman Ames, a woman I thought was absolutely remarkable, simply through the facebook messages and postings we shared over the course of several months.  I knew that people loved her, but it’s amazing to see the impact in numbers.  Within 24 hours, over 10,000 people read and shared it.   (ps – my highest posting before this was 335).  People around the world are being inspired by her greatness.   Right now, less than 3 days later, that number is now over 16,500, and has reached over 60 countries.  I mean, I don’t even think I ever heard of Liechtenshtein, Oman, or Azerbaijan.  But someone there is now inspired by a woman so great, words can no longer express.  She is literally wrapping her arms around the world in her greatness. Even now, she never ceases to amaze me.

Her family and friends have now laid her to rest, but their time celebrating this wonderful woman hasn’t ceased.  She will forever live on each person she encountered – guaranteed.  Unfortunately, it takes something as horrible as losing such an angel to make us realize what is truly important in life.  Material things no longer matter.  We’ll lose sight of this in months to come, but something will happen that will remind you of Amy, and you will be reminded to put your priorities in place.  We never know how long we are here.  And even worse, things can change with the blink of an eye.  If you were to leave today with just one thing, leave with this.  Live your life as great and tremendous as you possibly can.  Make a difference to each and every person you come in contact with.  As with Amy, a little goes a long way.

If you want to do something more, Amy’s brother Scott posted this in the online facebook group:

“Many have asked about organizations that they could donate to in memory of my sister. Amy had many causes that were close to her heart – way too many to list. Please don’t feel restricted by this suggested group below:

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Gina McReynolds Foundation

Buoniconti Fund

Notices of donations can be sent to Amy’s mother:

Yvette Katz
256 Sayre Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Some have also also asked if there is anything they can do to assist her son, Jacob. I have set up a 529 education savings plan that anyone can make contributions to. If that interests you, please send me a private message or email containing your full name and email address. (It may take me a few days to respond to these, but I promise to get back to everybody.)”

To Amy:  Goodbye, hot mama.  I’ll see you in tonight’s sunset, tomorrow’s sunrise and in the kindness of a stranger.


4 Responses to “Saying Farewell…”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Amy was an incredible woman, I knew Amy only professionally, being in the same industry and as everyone has said, she lit up any room she entered and was always gracious and genuinely kind to everyone. I was holding space for a group for her and recently realized something was wrong when she didn’t return my calls. She was always so good at that. I became really suspicious something must be wrong. Never would I have thought that she had cancer and been struggling with it. The story of her fight and strength is incredible. If I had only known. There are no words that can explain why God has taken such a lovely person from her child, family and friends. It’s always a mystery, but when you see how much this story has travelled around the world and the inspiration her life has given, it shows her life will live on in a different way, and that her life and death and struggle have a purpose. My prayers go out to her son, Jacob, and family for peace and comfort to deal with this terrible loss. Amy will be missed but her inspiration and strength will carry on.

    I am always amazed with people I know who are struggling with cancer and remain positive and grateful for each day they are alive. I have one dear friend, Anne, whose been struggling with it for almost 7 years. Talk about inspiration. Her story is just amazing, and her faith is incredible. I don’t know if she is aware of this blog, but I want to share it with her. Thank you for your courage and sharing this.

  2. Terrelyn Whittall Says:

    Though I myself,have not had cancer,I have had close relationships with folks that had……….And meeting Amy Ames,well….what struck me is this,how young she was,and how down to earth she was….I would see her in passing at the convention center,located next to the church I had attended….I would then over the course of several years ,see her in passing…..and she always was kind,smiling and gracious , even when I mistook her for Venetta ,another close friend of hers.

    Yes ,I do believe,she is now spreading her loving joy to others,and , she is forever in the company of Heavenly angels!!!
    May all find solace and comfort knowing that an angel,Amy, was truly among us!

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